Summer Wedding Trends

Jul, 10th, 2019

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and we're sharing the trends that are heating up this season. Check out five summer wedding trends that we love to love!

Seasonal Treats

Ice cream, popsicles, cookies and fruit cocktails are the craving of the season. While this may come as no shock, this is your chance to wow your guest by turning something ordinary, gourmet. Macaroons are already a luxury dessert, but turn them into kabobs and they'll be as fun to take pictures of as they are to eat.

Photography by Tracey Buyce 

There is nothing more refreshing than fresh fruit on a hot day. Combine that with a cocktail.....what more can you ask for! A create your own muddled fruit cocktail is a fun activity for your guests to enjoy; and the perfect refreshment. Sticking with the "create you own" theme, a sundae bar is another must have treat for your summer wedding. Pull out all the stops and supply your sundae bar with all the best toppings! Your guests will leave with their sweet tooth supremely satisfied.

Popsicles are a classic summertime favorite, but we're not talking hyper stripes from the ice cream man. Gourmet popsicles are the new coolest dessert trend. From real fruit to boozy'll want to lick them all!

Photography by Hiltin Photography 

Last but not can't forget about the greeting station! A simple water station goes a long way. Guests are sure to be parched and a greeting station that quenches their thirst, and satisfies their eyes will be the perfect seasonal treat.

Hair - DO'S!

Photography by Andrew Franciosa Studio

Nothing says summertime goddess like a boho crown, a bold flower or a statement jewelry piece in your hair! Many brides are opting for this look rather than a traditional veil. We can't complain because we are loving the unique looks our brides create. We're sure the brides love it too, because who wants to wear a long draping veil on a hot summer day!

Photography by Andrew Franciosa Studio 

We're all for the carefree hair down look, but putting your locks in a romantic updo is a hot look for summer (but this look will surely keep you cool)! You'll definitely appreciate the updo on a summer day, especially if you're hosting an outdoor wedding.

Not to mention if it's humid, that could spell disaster for your photos. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos only to see the frizzy version of yourself. If you love the down hair look then go for it, but remember you can always let your hair down when its time to dance!

Comfortably Fashionable

Photography by Nicole Nero Studio 

Lucky for all the summer brides out there, easy, breezy is in style! Minimalist dress styles with simple lines, and airy silhouettes are the warm weather fashion trend. Pounds of tool and fluff belong to the winter brides. Summer brides are all for staying cool, while looking fab! This fashion trend was definitely made for comfort, but it looks just as beautiful as it makes you feel.

Photography by YTK Photography 

Local Favors

Shop local! What better take home favors for your guests than something that reminds them of where you tied the knot. This is an especially good idea if you're having a destination wedding; whether it be domestic or international. It'll give guests a taste of the finer things your destination has to offer, while supporting local business.

Photography by YTK Photography 

In lieu of favors, many couples are making donations in their guests honor to a local foundation. Giving back and doing good is a favor that everyone can appreciate.

Hello Mismatched

Photography by Dyanna Lamora Photography 

Mismatched never looked so good! Whether it be mismatches styles or colors, this bridesmaid look is HOT. When you ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid, you're also asking them to spend a little extra on their wedding attire. Instead of requiring a purchase of a bridesmaid uniform, let your friends express themselves (within your color scheme of course)! This will eliminate the struggle of getting everyone on board with wearing the same thing; because lets be honest......who likes showing up to a party in the same dress!

Follow these trends and you'll be looking and feeling your best at the wedding of the season!