6 Reasons to Love a Winter Wedding

Oct, 20th, 2021

Winter weddings are a growing trend - and for many great reasons. On the fence about saying "I do" during the colder months? You'll warm right up to this list of wedding perks!

Less Weather Stress

If you decide to plan an outdoor summer wedding, you have to worry about excessive heat or humidity, as well as rain and wind. The risk of unknown weather factors can make planning stressful as well as costly if tents are needed. But in the winter? Everything is held indoors, guaranteeing not only your comfort but that of your guests, too.

Your Dream Team is Waiting

Vendors tend to book up quickly during peak season and this demand leads to higher price points. During the cooler months, your dream vendors are more likely to have availability (and at a lower cost)!You'll be able to assemble your A-team to create the wedding you've always imagined, without sacrifice. It's a win-win!

Guest Experience

The warmer months can get so jam-packed with weddings and events that your family and friends may start to get a case of wedding fatigue. On busy summer weekends, people may need to choose between attending a celebration and skipping another. If you have your wedding during a quieter month, you'll get more-eyes RSVPs and guests will have something exciting to look forward to during the winter season!

Stunning Snowy Photos

There is no question that winter is a beautiful and magical time of year. From snow falling to the ground and blanketing the landscape, to frosted tree branches, winter offers plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photography! Plus, wedding party accessories like plaid shawls, fur muffs, and warm scarfs will take your photos to the next level.

More Creativity with Menus

Summer couples may need to keep meals light to keep guests comfortable in the hot weather. During the winter, couples have more creative freedom with food choices and more control over the temperature. We personally love the hot beverages, seasonal vegetables, and comfort foods that come with the colder months!

Special Wedding Touches

Winter sets the perfect scene to incorporate personal, festive touches into your wedding day. From hot cocoa bars to monogrammed blanket favors, the options are endless! There are many unique ways to play into the season with your d├ęcor as well. Whether it be choosing a romantic color palette of burgundy and ivory, to designing centerpieces that feature pinecones and warm candles.

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