Cupcakes for Dessert

May, 18th, 2016

Wedding cakes are a tradition seen at almost all wedding receptions. Dating back to Ancient Rome where cakes were made as high as possible and if the bride and groom could successfully kiss over it, they would have a lasting marriage.

But as times have changed, so have cakes. Originally, only the top tier was edible allowing just the bride and groom to enjoy the cake, with the rest of the cake being cardboard. Now, wedding cakes can be seen viewed as a focal point on your wedding day - with different styles, flavors and designs!

Bride and groom cutting the cake is one of those picture perfect moments the photographers can't wait to capture. But what you want to break tradition and forgo a 'traditional wedding cake'?

Have cupcakes!!

Cupcakes make it easier to have multiple fun flavors, fillings and frosting for guests to choose from. How about a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese filling and a non-dairy whipped frosting? Or a chocolate cupcake with raspberry preserve filling and chocolate buttercream frosting? You can have it all - all at once! And remember, your wedding day is your day! Whether you want to stick with tradition, or make your own tradition is your choice.