Summer 2018 Wedding Trends

Jun, 18th, 2018

Summer is finally here!

Follow these Summer 2018 Wedding trends, and your day will surely be one to remember.

Trend 1: Think Green

Alert the media: Over are the days of excessive, expensive flower purchases! This summer couples are using grass, leaves and moss to achieve their dream wedding decor. This trend is taking outdoor weddings to the extreme, and we are shouting YES PLEASE. Greenery makes for a gorgeous back drop, and leaves a little extra cash in your pocket (who doesn't love that?) To the bride with a tight budget, or the bride with no limits, this is the decor for your perfect wedding.

Trend 2: WOW them from the start with these gorgeous invitations

These invitations will set the tone for a magical night. It's absolutely worth it to go the extra mile with every aspect of your wedding - it's all about the details. From Marble print, to Dark & Metallic, to Watercolor invitations you CANNOT go wrong. Your guests will save these works of art for years to come!

Trend 3: Lead the way with creative escort cards

Escort cards are at everyone's wedding, make yours memorable with a champagne glass or a small plant or gift for your guests to take as they find their seat. This one will be sure to get lots of laughs and smiles. Your guests will feel special, and they'll be excited to take home a little piece of your wedding.

Trend 4: Did someone say French Fries?

Who says you need a twelve course meal served at your wedding? It's YOUR day, so it should be all about the food YOU love! Couples this summer are saying goodbye to the traditional dinner choices......and hello to Cheeseburgers, Pizza and everything delicious. Use your wedding to show of all your favorite foods - they're sure to be some of your guests favorites too!

Another fun way to incorporate this trend is to make it a late night snack station, or a late night nosh as some call it. You and you guests will appreciate the pick-me-up as you dance into the late hours of the night.

Trend 5: Stay cool with a personalized beverage station

From signature cocktails created by the happy couple, to non-alcoholic choices you can grab throughout the day, a wedding is not complete without the perfect beverage station. Whether you have someone manning the station, or you let your guests pour their own, this is a must have for your wedding this summer. Get creative and have fun with it, after all it is your day!