4 Things to Love About Fall

Sep, 24th, 2018

We can feel it in the air, fall is finally here! We're ready for sweaters, scarves, pumpkin spice and everything nice. Here are the 4 things we love most about fall!

1. Falling for Fall

There are many things to love about fall but the first thing that comes to our mind? The colors! All the vibrant orange, red and yellow leaves falling through the crisp autumn air is simply mesmerizing. Upstate New York is know for its beautiful autumn landscapes and what better background for your wedding photos! You'll POP against the colorful foliage, all dressed in white.

Better yet, incorporate the leaves into some of your detail pictures! They're just as perfect up close as they are form afar!

2. Sweater Weather

The next thing we love about fall is the weather! In one word, it's perfect. The humidity is gone, and the crisp air is here. It's still warm enough that you can have an outdoor wedding, but you don't have to sweat through your I do's! Worried about being too cold? Try a dress with sleeves! Sleeves add that touch of luxury to your dress while giving you a classic, elegant look.

Worried about your guests? If you're a Pinterest enthusiast like me then I'm sure you know what's coming next. A cute idea for your fall wedding is to provide your guests with a complimentary blanket for your outdoor ceremony.

This is such a simple idea and your guests will appreciate being able to snuggle up through your vows.

3. Seasons Eatings

We at Mazzone Hospitality love the holidays. It's a time for family, friends and best of all.....FOOD! Turkey and stuffing and gravy, oh my! For some of you, it may be your first thanksgiving with the new family-in-laws. This should be an exciting and enjoyable time, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the stress and time commitment of preparing a Thanksgiving feast takes all the fun out of the holiday. But, what if I told you it didn't have to be that way?

This holiday instead of putting yourself through the pain, why not consider catering options from the Mazzone Hospitality Holiday Menu? We offer delicious, simplified Thanksgiving dinner options, home cooked from our Mazzone Kitchens and ready for pick up the morning of! Doesn't that sound like a much nicer way to start your Thanksgiving? All you have to do is reheat, and set the table. You can even tell your mother in-law that it was all home cooked - we promise we won't tell!

4. Game On

Bring on the fantasy drafts, chicken wings, and tailgating because fall also marks the start of football season! Between the NFL and College Football, your weekend TV schedule is about to be filled with a lot more sports center. And if you and your future hubby are one of those fanatics, why not incorporate this into your wedding day? You can use NFL teams in place of table numbers to help guests find their seats like this couple did:

And of course, save your favorite team for the head table:

With so many to choose from, those are just a few of our favorite things about fall! What are yours?