Changes Over the Decade

Jun, 3rd, 2020

Since 2010, not only have there been a major evolution to technology but to lifestyles, cultures and faith. With that being said, let's take a look at how this has impacted changes in weddings.

Overall we can say many couples focus much more heavily on personalization, creativity and having that Instagram shot spot. But much more has changed and we can say almost for certain we see many more changes coming soon.

The actual demographic of those getting married has shifted. In comparison to 2010, the average age of a couple getting married has increased. Which may correlate to why couples are spending more of their own money paying for their dream event. Not to say families are no longer involved with budgeting and planning, however it is just not to the same degree.

Guests, Guest Experience & Attire.

Looking at guest attendance and price per guest, guests invited and in attendance have decreased while the price per head has increased. This may have something to do with the couple making more financial decisions, wanting only the most important people in their life at their wedding and the want to give a personalized experience.

Weddings today have extras specifically for the guests approximately 50% of the time. Everything from touch up stations in the bathrooms, hair and make up artists, live bands and even extravagant after parties that go into the morning hours.

As for dress code, "Semi-formal" still stands as the most popular attire for weddings HOWEVER with how style has changed over the last few years semi-formal typically means cocktail attire now. Don't worry, we are keeping close tabs on more casual weddings as they seem to be on the up and up. Maybe a hybrid attire of the two will end up being the most popular, tux with sneakers anyone?

Color Palettes & Personalization

We're waving goodbye to safe tones like whites, greens and neutrals and saying hello to your favorite fun colors. Returning are the bright pops of color, bold accents, and patterns!

Personalization, signature touches, whatever you want to call it, making the special day uniquely your own has been a huge focal point. Starting with ever so popular signature drink. The inclusion of signature drinks has gone up 15% in the last decade. Although the signature drink trend has been around for some time now, food is the new spotlight. Incorporating the couples' favorite foods, restaurants or even the dessert they shared on their first date is one the rise.


Maintaining an highly sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle was not always top of mind. Recently this movement to save our planet and leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible has rapidly grown. The shift in lifestyle has created a shift with wedding food and favors.

Most couples are opting for electronic save the dates and invitations or if using paper and mailing them- using recycled materials has been trending. Other Eco Friendly trends are biodegradable serveware, sustainable local food ingredients, ensuring floral arrangements are organic and chemical free as well even sending their guests home with potted succulents as a favor.

We have yet to see a complete zero waste wedding but we have a feeling it will be coming soon!

Life is constantly changing as we evolve as a society. We are excited to see what is to come but the question is what will the next decade hold for us and for weddings?